Window Tinting

We offer one of the best materials for automotive window tint. Our work is backed by a Lifetime Warranty Certificate that you will receive at time of purchase. We use GLOBAL EXPRESS WINDOW FILMS (Quick Dry Plus Nano Carbon, see chart below for all specs.). This high quality film rejects 99% of the UV rays and, depending on the shade you pick, it will give you up to 34% of heat reduction and up to 96% of glare reduction. Check out our SPECIALS page for deals on Ride Share Drivers and more!

Smoked Lights

Give your Headlights and Tail Lights an enhanced look by smoking them! Providing a tint on your lights protects them from UV radiation damage which in return, saves you money. Changing the opacity of your lights creates a custom look and feel to your vehicle which enhances its image to fit your style and your car’s personality. At Express Vinyl & Window Tint, we offer smoked lights services for all types of vehicles.

Commercial Advertising

Do you own a plumbing company, a coffee shop, a hair salon or a food delivery business? No matter what industry you are in, we can help you advertise for your business. This is just a few of the services we can offer you:

  • Full & Partial Printed Vehicle Wraps
  • Vinyl Lettering & Logos
  • Store Front Advertising (perforated prints, logos, hours of operation,..)
  • Signs & Banners
  • Magnets

Depending on the size of your project, turnaround time can be anywhere between 5 business days to 2 weeks.
Call us today for more information at (619)-341-7440 or email us with more details about your project.


Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wraps change the look and feel of your car, truck or motorcycle. At Express Vinyl & Window Tint, we only offer the best materials on the market for vehicle wraps. These high quality vinyls come in many different colors and textures and are warrantied. We offer 2 trusted brands: 3M and Avery Dennison Supreme Wraps. See below a few color samples for both brands. Of course, we have all the color swatches in our shop so feel free to stop by for a wrap consult! We offer full body wraps as well as custom and accent wraps (see our GALLERY Page for pictures).