Don’t miss out on this annual offer! Full Tint on Sedan Vehicles are now $200 for Nano Carbon or $350 for Ceramic (Reg. prices are $295 and $495). Offer ends on April 30th 2024. Schedule your appointment today to secure a spot!


At Express Vinyl Wraps, we specialize in the professional installation of automotive window tint in San Diego.

We offer 2 tint options: Nano Carbon (Color Stable) and Ceramic.

Nano Carbon Films – Great On A Budget

This 2-ply, 1.5 mil workhorse of a film is color stable, metal-free and ultra-durable to keep its great appearance year after year. This film is the perfect solution for cars with embedded antennas, cellular and GPS systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up To 44% Heat Rejection

  • Rejects 99% of UVA and UVB Rays

  • Up To 96% Glare Reduction

  • Color Stable

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Ceramic Films – Excellent Heat Rejection

    Our Ceramic Films deliver exceptional performance with advanced nano ceramic components for long lasting color stability and outstanding heat rejection. Its high optical clarity and deep graphite color tone upgrades vehicle aesthetics for a stunning look and comfortable ride.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Excellent IR Rejection (heat rejection up to 65%)

    • Rejects 99% Of All Harmful UV Rays

    • Color Stable

    • Up To 93% Glare Reduction

    • Metal-Free

    • Lifetime Warranty

      How Much Does It Cost?

      The cost of a window tint installation depends on two factors: the quality of window tint film you choose (Nano Carbon or Ceramic) and the number of windows your vehicle has.

      Sedan vehicles with 5 windows range between $295 for Nano Carbon and $495 for Ceramic. Additional charge will apply for extra windows.

      Schedule your appointment here or visit our FAQ for commonly asked questions about window tint!